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Lenders Name: Metro Finance

Loan Amount: $5,000 to $200,000

How to Qualify for a Loan

  • You require a minimum funding amount of $5,000 and a maximum of $200,000
  • You'll need to be an established business with assets already on your books. If not, you’ll be looking to purchase an eligible commercial asset (equipment or vehicle).
  • You'll need to provide bank statements and additional identification details such as your Driver License and ABN.

Available Products from Metro Finance

  • Commercial Asset Finance
  • Equipment and Vehicle Finance
  • Finance Lease
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Commercial Finance Agreement/Chattel Mortgage

Metro Finance's Background

Metro Finance is a completely independent, non-bank lender. They were established in 2011 and they’re backed by private equity and Australian institutional funding. This source of capital allows them to operate as a true funding alternative to the banks. Metro Finance is a first-tier prime commercial auto and equipment lender that delivers responsive credit and settlement services nationally.

Metro Finance is unique in that they only accept business from a select group of finance brokers that meet their value-driven and customer-focused criteria. This means that all funding is provided via a personalised relationship with top finance brokers, ensuring superior all-round customer experience. Metro Finance hasn’t gone unnoticed, boasting many finalist nominations (total business and stand out employees) at the recent CAFBA (Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia) awards. 

What Makes Metro Finance A Great Lender

  • Values: Metro Finance lives by their corporate values:
  • Integrity - To be fair and honest at all times.
  • Service - Efficient and friendly service. Every time.
  • Competitive - Reliable, low rate finance for Australian businesses.
  • Reliability - You can count on them to deliver what they promise.
  • Independence: Metro Finance is a non-bank lender so they’re able to assess every proposal on its merits, not just through a fixed ‘score-card’ approach.
  • Innovation: Metro has partnered with CEFC (a government-backed Green Bank) to launch a Green Vehicle Finance Initiative that provides businesses with a discount on their standard rate if they purchase a green vehicle.

Products Offered By Metro Finance

Metro Finance offers three core products, designed to meet your businesses’ equipment or vehicle funding requirements.

  • Finance Leases: financial leases are designed to allow simple monthly payments to Metro Finance, who retain ownership of the vehicle or asset. They will purchase the commercial asset on your businesses’ behalf and lease it back to you at an agreed, fixed monthly fee.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase: a commercial hire purchase is slightly different from a finance lease in that Metro Finance will purchase a vehicle and hire it back to your business over a set period of time. Once you’ve made all the required payments you will own the vehicle.
  • Commercial Finance Agreements: This product is different in that Metro Finance will lend your business the funds to purchase an approved commercial asset. You’ll own the asset and be required to make payments to Metro. The asset will be valid as security against the loan until all payments have been made.

In addition to the above funding arrangements, Metro Finance has taken the initiative to offer sustainable funding for eligible ‘green’ vehicles - Metro Green. Metro Green offers a lower interest rate, potential fuel savings, as well as the added good of reducing your businesses’ carbon footprint. The Metro Green program is available with all Metro Products (up to $200,000) and is subject to specific vehicle criteria, primarily dependent on their level of CO2 emissions.