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Lenders Name: Capital Finance

Loan Amount: $5,000 to $200,000

How to Qualify for a Loan

  • Minimum funding requirement is $5,000
  • You will need to own an existing business. Your business will hold eligible commercial assets or will be purchasing a commercial asset (equipment or vehicle) eligible for funding..
  • You’ll need to provide these documents: business bank statements, Driver License and ABN.

Available Products from Metro Finance

  • Commercial Asset Finance - Equipment and Vehicles
  • Rental Leases
  • Novated Leases
  • Commercial Loans/Chattel Mortgage
  • Hire Purchases

Capital Finance's Background

Founded in 1995, Capital Finance is one of Australia’s most experienced and fastest-growing specialist finance companies. Their primary funding focus is commercial vehicle and equipment finance. Over their extended history, they have developed expertise across all industries, allowing them to offer some of the best solutions for any type of business and of almost any size.

They back this up with an impressive resume of clients, including federal and state governments, leading global companies and thousands of small businesses, not excluding sole traders. They pride themselves on superior customer services as well as their attitude towards developing a unique understanding of every customer’s business. This allows Capital Finance to provide bespoke funding solutions, solving vehicle and commercial financing issues that other less experienced lenders may not.

What Makes Capital Finance A Great Lender

  • Your Business Is Their Business: Capital Finance prides themselves on understanding your business’s operations and unique goals. Capital Finance builds strong, lasting relationships with every customer. Combined with their extensive experience, they will leverage their knowledge to help your business grow.
  • Dedicated Teams: Capital Finance is highly available, you can reach their direct teams when you need them. Having also partnered with many finance brokers around the country, dealing with Capital Finance is a breeze. Their team has helped thousands of customers reach and exceed their business goals by matching and providing appropriate, bespoke funding at a quick pace.
  • Vendor and Supplier Financing: Capital Finance gets its team on the ground when it matters. Where possible, they will take a collaborative approach with their vendors and suppliers, allowing them to offer end-to-end funding solutions. Their vendor finance products can be tailored and designed to YOUR brand. Combined with their smart, online integrations, implementing funding solutions from Capital Finance is a seamless process.

Products Offered By Capital Finance

Capital Finance specialises in commercial equipment and vehicle finance. They offer five different financing options to cover multiple funding scenarios:

  • Rental Lease - Capital Finance will purchase the asset and rent it back to your business for an agreed period. You do not own the asset. At the end of the term, you can choose to return the asset, extend the agreement or purchase the equipment at the agreed price.
  • Finance Lease - Similar to a rental lease however at the end of the agreed term your business will need to pay off all agreed payments and take ownership of the financed equipment.
  • Commercial Loan/Chattel Mortgage - Your business will select and purchase the asset, Capital Finance provides the funding, secured by the commercial asset.
  • Hire Purchase - Similar to a finance lease, Capital Finance will purchase the commercial asset and your business will pay instalments. Once all payments are made, you will own the asset.
  • Novated Lease - Capital Finance can arrange a lease arrangement with your business to finance cars for your employees' use. They own the car, however, your employees may buy the vehicle from them at the end of the novated lease agreement.